For all the testing items, we can offer you the technical services of water sample collecting, regular water quality monitoring and tracing, diagnosis of testing results and solution recommending, etc. according to your needs.

Water and Wastewater Testing:

1. Daily testing of drinking water – Spend a penny to do great things. Health and safety thus have a “guard”.

2. Routine testing of drinking water – Let you know the water quality as you know your ten fingers.

3. Testing of industrial wastewater and domestic sewage – Has the discharge reached the standards? Knowing it beforehand is always superior to afterwards collection.

4. Testing of cooling circulation water – What is the effect of scale removing, sterilizing and algea removing? The third party testing will tell you.

Other Testing Items:

1. Testing of industrial solid wastes of sludge types;

2. Establishing product analyzing methods according to customers’ requirements