• A Substitute for chemicals – Has thoroughly eliminated chemical discharge;
  • Water saving – Concentration Cycle has been raised up to 8-10, and can also substitute the treated spent water from production process for tap water as make-up water;
  • Energy saving – Can prevent fouling and strip old sale, greatly improving heat exchange efficiency, remarkably saving electric power;
  • Anticorrosion – Can effectively prevent pitting corrosion by forming an anti-corrosion oxide film;
  • Keep stable running of centrifugal compressor – Can effectively prevent gasping vibration of compressor;
  • Guarantee public health – Can completely wipe out Legionella and other pathogenic bacteria;
  • Unmanned automatic running – On-line monitoring, automatic control, automatic trouble alarming, GPRS data communication. Chemical treatment of cooling water: Before APO treatment was used, scaling occurred at plate joining inlet. APO treatment of cooling water: After AOP was used the aged scale was removed at plate joining inlet.